Out of Many, One People

"Even though we are of many different races, background,
and cultures we are all one people."

Thanksgiving Feeding 2018

Sligoville All Age School Fundraiser

These faces are why we support the Sligoville All Age School. Let us all
come together and help in educating our future leaders. Your donation will
help these amazing children to learn, strive and develop emotionally and
physically. Your contribution will provide them an environment and atmosphere
to succeed and advance in leadership and creativity. Join us in supporting
Sligoville All Age School in building and restoring a better building structure
and playground. Your generous donation will give these children a remarkable

Helping Jamaica

Take part in change

We can all be of service. There is a famous saying, ''charity begins at home'', and it is true indeed! You don't have to be rich or famous to help, it only takes a compassionate heart and a caring soul. I chose to make a difference and serve my God-given purpose to help my country Jamaica and other countries in need. My determination and love for my earthly brothers and sisters will drive my passion to continue my mission to give of myself unselfishly. Hold my hands and walk with me in helping, the world needs to unite, spread love, caring and sharing among one another. #Holdmyhandsandwalkwithme.


Buttons for a Cause

Show your support with pride

The Keturah Hamilton Foundation is excited to introduce our new buttons in time to raise money for the upcoming Sprint, Relay and Spoon Race for Charity to be held April 2, 2016. All funds generated from the sale of the buttons will help us to secure venue space and other necessities to make the event possible. The charity event will be held to raise money for scholarships for two single mothers to attend a vocational school or community college to prepare them to productively serve in the workforce. We truly appreciate every donation, so please be a cheerful giver. #Buttonsforacause